Expert Power of Attorney Solicitors in Birmingham – Get the Help your Family Deserves!

Expert Power of Attorney Solicitors in Birmingham – Get the Help your Family Deserves!

Expert Power of Attorney Solicitors in Birmingham – Get the Help your Family Deserves!

Expert Power of Attorney Solicitors in Birmingham – Get the Help your Family Deserves!

Write a Will Birmingham

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Do you want to learn how to write a will in the UK? That is actually a very good idea. If you are of legal age and you are currently employed, then right now would be the best time to write a will in order to secure your estate in the future and ensure that your loved ones – the people whom you wish to become the beneficiaries of your will, receive the full benefits of your estate after your death.

You might find this a bit strange, but it is actually the truth. Most people think that those who intend to write a will are those who are looking forward in contemplation of their own deaths. Therefore, people who have a terminal illness or who are of an advanced age are usually the ones expected to write a will so that their estate is secured. However, more and more young professionals nowadays are getting into will writing and writing their own wills at an early age. This is because there are actually a multitude of benefits to writing a will as soon as possible. Furthermore, if there are any modifications to be made, it can be done at a later date.

Can I Write A Will For Free?

Yes, of course. Writing a will is generally done with the help of a UK Executry Solicitor – more specifically, a solicitor who specializes in wills. However, if you want to write your own will without the help of an attorney, you can definitely write a will on your own. Of course, it is best to take certain precautions in order to ensure that your will becomes valid later on and that it actually has legal effect after your death.

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Are Holographic Wills Legal In The UK?

You might have heard about wills which are completely handwritten and without the benefit of the supervision of an attorney. These are called holographic wills and they are actually legal in the UK. However, do keep in mind that in order for your holographic will to be considered, it must be completely handwritten. You cannot make use of any fill-in-the-blanks types of will forms that you might find online.

The Need For Witnesses When you Write a Will

When you write a will in the UK, you need to have the will witnessed by at least two witnesses of legal age. In some jurisdictions, holographic wills are valid even without the presence of any witnesses. This is not true in the UK. Even for holographic wills, the requirement of having two witnesses of legal age still applies.

Basically, you would write the will by yourself and name all your beneficiaries and executors if any and then the you must sign the will together with your two witnesses in turn.

A Solicitor Is Still Your Best Bet

While a holographic will can be legal in the UK, it is still your best bet to get in touch with a solicitor for professional will writing services. It is already an incredibly difficult task to write a will that truly reflects the testator’s wishes and you must enumerate the powers of the trustees and executors in your will properly in a language that is clear and legally acceptable.

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