Expert Power of Attorney Solicitors in Birmingham – Get the Help your Family Deserves!

Expert Power of Attorney Solicitors in Birmingham – Get the Help your Family Deserves!

Expert Power of Attorney Solicitors in Birmingham – Get the Help your Family Deserves!

Expert Power of Attorney Solicitors in Birmingham – Get the Help your Family Deserves!


 What is the Average Cost of a Simple Will in Birmingham?

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In the UK, executry law allows an individual to define the terms of how his estate (all the properties that the person leaves behind after death) shall be settled. As long as the stipulations set forth in the will are legitimate and the will itself is sufficient in form and substance, then the will must be followed in lieu of the prevailing intestate law at the time of the person’s death. This is why many people might be wondering, “What is the average cost of a simple will?Of course the reality is that as far as what the average cost of a simple will is, there are actually many factors that affect the price that you will eventually have to pay your solicitor. Furthermore, if you want to go the cheapest but relatively unsafe route, you could try making your own will, but just know that there is no guarantee that your will would be honored in the end.

whats the average cost of a simple will

Why Is It Important To Make A Will?

Imagine if you died without making a will. What would happen to all your assets and properties? How would your family members try to resolve who gets what when it comes to specific properties that you had in your possession? What about any specific beneficiaries that you would have liked to have bestowed certain properties and assets of yours on? Dying intestate, or without a will means that you are leaving behind so many different questions for these people to answer.

This is why it is extremely important to consider what the average cost of a simple will is and making your own will in the first place. Even if the thought of considering your own death is a bit scary and sad, it is a grim reality that we must all live with. Making a will should give you the peace of mind that your family will not be left in confusion and possibly even in conflict as to how to dispose of the properties and assets you leave behind in case of death. Furthermore, writing a will early is the best idea. You can simply update it every few years as you acquire and/or lose new properties and if you have any new beneficiaries to add.

Know that if you don’t have a will, then your family members will have to apply to the court for simple access to your own properties for disposal. You can save them this hassle by writing your own will.

So what is the average cost of a simple will?

For making a will, there are several factors to be considered but a professional solicitor will generally charge somewhere around £150 and £500. Whether you fall under the low end or the high end of this scale will depend largely on how complex your estate is. If you have children and/or even grandchildren, then this can make your properties a lot more complex. This is also true if you have some properties abroad outside of the jurisdiction of the UK. Another factor that could influence costs would be the number of executors and beneficiaries you want to nominate.

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